Dragon Slayer

Class Overview

Archery Ambush (TM) DRAGON SLAYER (TM) is designed to be played in a cricket field. (For the protection of the field, the wicket is out of bounds and either roped-off or us covered by a wicket cover and arrows in the wicket area are out of bounds for the entire game. This is to protect the integrity of the wicket area and to keep groundsmen happy).Teams 2 or 3 teams can play. It is designed for 3 teams ideally.- Players defend their home zone. - Only infiltrators can move into other team's zones. - The demilitarized zone is a 2m exclusion zone around the wicket and marked by cones. It is only used for the collection of arrows at the start of the game. - Between each zone is a wedge-shaped safe-zone in which no-one can shoot and only infiltrators can be shot. (1m to 4m) - Infiltrators may not proceed past the infiltration zone except in their home zone. - No shooting anyone within 3m. - Each zone has three bonus score boxes. - The Slayer Zone has a dragon, with five target zones - shooting out each of these ends the game. - Designated time-out zones exist. - Fivestar bonus zones also exist.

Class Details

3rd Sundays in the Month
10:30 (2 hours)

Class Location